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Vehicle Parking Space Count System by Fisher Parking & Security

Fisher Parking & Security, Inc. has many technology resource partners that we use to bring the perfect system to our customers.  While all of our PARC systems we offer have the ability of space count systems there are projects that require vehicle counting with out parking revenue or access control.  We have partnered with TransTech to deliver a completely stand alone counting system called RedStorm™.

The RedStorm™ Parking Space Counting System is a wireless differential counter that tracks the number of vehicles entering and exiting a parking area, and displays the number of available spaces in each area to motorists in real-time.  It can be deployed in any existing parking facility and has many benefits including but not limited to:

  •  Stand Alone
  •  Counts Monitoring
  • Available Spaces
  •  Wireless System
  •  Low  Costs
  • Count History
  •  Vehicle Speeds
  •  Reporting
  •  Customer Satisfaction
  •  Displays Spaces

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